May 17, 2023

Why Digital Marketing and Commerce Should Be Part of Your Sustainability Strategy

Why Digital Marketing and Commerce Should Be Part of Your Sustainability Strategy
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Our next guest has a deep, proven track record in the world of digital advertising consulting. And, as you will hear throughout this episode, Ahmed Elshinnawy is now applying his industry experience to disrupt the corporate world through a sustainability lens.

With more than 15 years working for some of the biggest names in consulting, Ahmed knows what it means to support his customers on their respective journeys. With many corporations now exploring how to improve their environmental and social impacts, Ahmed plays a key role in guiding them through their options.

Based in LA, California, Ahmed got his BComm with a focus on Supply Chain Management, and holds a Graduate Certificate in Marketing.

In his chat with host Lauren Scott, Ahmed shares how the worlds of marketing and sustainability intersect, and the role that technology will play in deepening this relationship.

While especially relevant for those in digital adverting, Ahmed’s insights are incredibly valuable for anyone navigating resiliency in the workforce.

(0:00) Intro

(2:17) Ahmed in his own words

(4:00) Defining digital marketing and commerce

(5:45) Corporate demand for sustainability expertise

(11:52) The role of resale in sustainable commerce

(13:30) Sustainability challenge: data management

(14:59) Linking digital marketing, commerce and sustainability

(17:17) Navigating greenwashing as a consumer

(20:00) The role of consumer pressure in more responsible business practices

(22:15) Technology to accelerate pace of sustainability within digital marketing and commerce worlds

(24:55) What shifted Ahmed's consulting work towards sustainability

(27:13) The importance of listening to a plurality of opinions

(33:45) What it will take for businesses and leaders to be resilient going forward